Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm Still Around...

...Just not over here as much as I would like. I changed webcam networks a couple of months ago from one that I'd been with for years to a much bigger one called Streamate that's been keeping me busy. Since webcamming is my bread & butter, I've fallen behind on basically everything else. But I'm definitely *still here* -- still online, more than ever, with tons of hours spent in my webcam chatroom.

Until I can get back to updating my sites. first, then, I hope you'll keep up with what I'm doing over at my main blog:

Or over at my twitter:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Kisses! on

Just a goofy little 12 second video wishing you a Happy Valentine's. I'm expecting it to be pretty relaxed around here today. BigD's birthday's on the 18th so we'll just be combining the Valentine's dinner out and his day and hopefully avoiding any crowds or making reservations. (Crowds are actually something we have to consider here as we're in a *much* more populated area.) I'm not terribly demanding this year. Feel a bit like Valentine's even snuck up on me, truth be told.

Anyhoo, enjoy something sweet today. My goal is to find a Red Velvet Cupcake & savor/inhale it with my regular dose of Coffeeeee!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm Behind, Behind...Here's Pics Of My Behind

As reposted from my main blog: The Naughty Nymph

If you haven't already guessed, it's just been all about me and my almost-every-night webcam routine and little else since I last blogged. Eat, sleep, take the dog out for a walk, pet the cats, kiss BigD, cam, cam, cam! I love camming, really, I do, but this schedule I've been on has been a bit much. 100% necessary to my financial survival, mind you, but it hasn't been leaving me with much time to smell the roses.

So it's about time I started gambling. No, not of the playing poker variety -- of the stripclub variety. I *want* to remain optimistic about the club conditions here, and there are many, many more clubs to choose from than in the last state we lived in, but I think my standards are just awful high. I don't want to work in a stripclub masquerading as a whore-house (because I'd so just make the jump to be a straight up "working girl" & head on out to the Bunny Ranch if that's what I wanted) and obviously I don't want to work at a dead club where I can't make any money because I always count on making *something* webcamming. Or at least not ending the night *owing* money which is one of things that happens when you're an exotic dancer.

I've been waiting patiently for the sucky for sales post-Christmas period to be over before I even attempt to scope any of the SoCal stripclubs out, and I think this week is the week. I'm SUPER nervous, but I've missed being a stripper too much to not try. It was a job that I actually felt like I was getting *better* at before we moved away from Memphis to stripper-hostile Seattle where I couldn't put myself at risk of arrest for such little reward. (I STILL don't get how a rough town like Memphis can be safer for a girl to get naked on a stage for pay in than Seattle, but whatever, I'm not there to concern myself with it anymore.)

My ideal is to find a good club that I can work two, three, or four nights a week and then still cam or work on my sites the remaining nights while being able to afford a day off or even *two* days off most weeks. Heck, if I'm being that positive, maybe I'll EVEN be able to take a vacation at some point. (Not holding my breath here, but ya never know, lol.) I'm sure those of you who work for yourself know where I'm coming from with all of this schedule talk.

I'd like to take a moment before I hit "Publish Post" to say thank you to those who've maintained their subscriptions to either or both of my sites, the "main" one and the foot fetish only version For what they've lacked in photo gallery and video updates, I like to feel like I've made up for with unlimited access to my PrivateCamz archives that update damn near everyday and my regular one-hour Camz Group Shows. That's where all of these webcam shots have come from, one of last night's one-on-one sessions. That page on my site has an outdated number of shows now. As of February 11th 2010 I'm now over 3400 shows. Wowie, does that seem like a lot or what? So, please enjoy those as I *continue* to get my computer issues squared away. (Yup, I've not yet figured out how to afford a new computer on my present budget so that I have a decent machine to work on while I try to fix all of the broken computers -- cuz, man, are they ever freaking broken. Ugh.)

And I will keep you posted on how the return to exotic dancing is going or if it's even going at all. No worries there, my SoCal friends. If I can find the right place, I'll fer sure want you to come out and play with me in person.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Moving Home!

That's right, tonight's our last night in Seattle! Our apt here is just about all packed up, and we're finally moving back home to Southern California. It's been a long time coming, that's for sure. We wanted to move away from here right after BigD's mom passed away, but we've been stuck with her house in probate all these long months, and now that *that* nasty shit is ending -- we're running for it before any more time passes. I'd like to say that we've remained unscathed, but probate is a truly evil process that has sucked us dry *and then some* unfortunately. Folks keep asking me *where* in Southern California we're moving to but all I feel comfortable saying is near Los Angeles. Remember, I've been recognized a few times over and since I'm not a full-blown celebrity type -- I'm entitled to as much privacy as I want. :)

I'm only anticipating being without an internet connection through Thursday, December 3rd so stay tuned for a rescheduled group show if you're a member of either of my sites: or Of course, I wished that I'd gotten another gallery update finished before I hit the road, but I'm confident that the set I've been editing will post not long after I arrive. Any time you do an out-of-state move it tends to get complicated, and my head's been fried with all of those relocation details.

So here's to hoping we have a safe trip down and for a better, more sunshine-filled life back home in Southern California. I'm not sure how much tweeting I'll do from the road, but there's bound to be a few. Follow me on Twitter:HERE if you aren't already.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nope, Sorry, I'm Not A Foot Pimp Either *Sigh*

Guess I needed to clarify in my last blog entry here that not only am I NOT a foot hooker -- I'm also NOT A FOOT PIMP either.

Direct from AmberLily's inbox today:

i know this is a ff the wall question, but i just moved up here from San Diego and now i live in Puyallup, do you know of any places around the Seattle area where i could get a footjob or shoejob? ive been here for like 4 months now and i havent met no one descent. Could you help me?

My first response back to "F" -- with my just-woke-up-but-still-sleepy eyes because I webcammed all night was very brief and went like this:

Suck it up and call a hooker. Town's full of them. Best wishes.

[/end email]

(See, wasn't that terribly concise of me?)

Really, folks, I'm not your gal for FOOT HOOKING or FOOT PIMPING. It's just not my thing. I've been to *one* foot party and was there for FOOT WORSHIP ONLY. No footjobs or shoejobs were performed by me or any of the other party attendees as it was not allowed. Every gentleman there kept his cock in his pants. And had it been allowed, I would *not* have gone. In my eyes, both of those acts are very intimate and only something I would *consider* doing with someone I know well.

Writing me or most other online amateur foot fetish models or webcam performers desperate emails like the one above is most likely not the route to pursue if you're looking for IN PERSON attention. In fact, I highly doubt that many of the wonderful ladies I've gotten to know who are involved in the scene would even bother dignifying an email such as the one above with a response because IT'S PRETTY CLEAR THAT'S NOT WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR IF YOU BOTHER TO READ OUR SITES, OUR TWITTER PROFILES, OR OUR BLOGS.

Naturally, if I should change my mind and want to go the hooker/pimp route, you'll be the very first to know! I promise, I'll post a BIG message here explaining my new boundaries IN BIG BOLD OR ALL CAPITAL LETTERS JUST LIKE THIS.

There's a part of me that wants to add an FAQ page to and link to these two blog entries about this topic, but I've got too much work to do at the moment. I'm editing a toe-pointing video for my footboys before I get on my webcam tonight. That whole foot model/webmaster gig is quite time consuming when you throw all of the work I do for my main website too.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Latest Foot Hooker Request Email

I know, I know -- it can be hard to tell if a gal is in charge of her own site, but really, folks -- I am one such gal. I do just about EVERYTHING myself. I take my own pictures and videos with multiple camera utilizing whatever self-timer functions are available on said cameras. I edit and upload my picture and video updates to BHE uses a CMS system that is more automated than not, my updates usually only awaiting approval on their end before my stuff is available in samples for visitors and in their entirety for members. Really, honestly, truly -- I am on my own with my foot fetish website stuff. I am NOT JUST A MODEL, and like I mentioned a few posts back there, I'm also not a foot hooker. Sincerely, I've nothing against being a foot hooker, it's just not an avenue that I'm exploring at the moment. The risks are too high, and I've gotten super comfy with getting to know my foot fetish fans via my daily private webcam shows; nothing beats the security of working/playing at home. :)

But still, the email requests for foot hooking continually hit my inbox. Here's the latest one:

dear sir

i watched a model amber lilly,photos,,i like her feet and legs too much,,,i would like to meet her and do with her all foot job actions....ill be ready for any amount she and you ask.

ill highly appreciates if you can send me her private mail for contacting.

awaiting your reply,,


sxxx xxxxxxxx

age 47

height 1.82 cm
weight 84 kg

hand some
eyes hazel

Sorry, darlin, but THERE IS NO SIR here, just AmberLily and her five cameras, lots of boxes of beautiful shoes, a few dozen nail polishes, a bag of foot jewelry, four webcams, lots of socks, thigh thighs, pantyhose and bodystockings -- and one, poor, over-worked computer. Thanks for your foot hooker inquiry, but it's not something that I offer at this time. Take care!

PS - You'll notice that AmberLily is spelled with one less "L" than you did in your note.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CamZ Group Show Didn't Happen Today

As reposted from my main blog: The Naughty Nymph

Unfortunately, Camz went down today *right before* my weekly 1-hour group camshow was scheduled to start at 7pm ET / 4pm PT. I'm sure it was just another case of unknown/unexpected technical difficulties with their latest system changes. Nevertheless, I was on time and ready, and I hit my twitter to fill everyone in on what was going on as it was happening. Here's the three funny/sexy 12 second videos that I recorded to show off what I was wearing:

Well, it looks like Camz is down. But I was ready on time, see?

So a great big WTF with an !

Think I should surprise hubby in this lil ensemble?

So after goofing around and recording those, I decided to test out a free twitter-friendly cam service called because I figured why not sit & chat while dressed up in my sexy red and black Cuban heel stockings before BigD got home. Things were purely non-nude as per their TOS, but it was a nice way to feel connected for a few moments with my site members and non-members alike -- after we figured out to use the chatroom to communicate with each other, of course. Not the easiest, most-streamlined method for webcam broadcasting, but my impromptu chat seemed to go over pretty well, and we appreciated the venue. I rambled up a storm about music and stripping and television shows and stuff while only getting tongue-tied a few times here and there. There was no clock at CamTweet, but I'm fairly certain that my free webcam stream lasted for 40-50 minutes or so and the quality wasn't half bad. The experience was a reminder that yes, webcam stuff can be fun *even* when it's just all talking and me playing with my hair while not getting naked.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to easily slip into another CamZ Group Show timeslot this week to attempt a make-up show, but if I can -- I will be sure to post it the members area & on my twitter. (And yes, I realize that my tweets over there in the sidebar of my blog are looking like ass -- I need to figure out a prettier way to display them. I just don't have it figured out yet.)